Friday, 31 December 2010

My Top Ten Pieces Of Art

In the latter months of 2010, I have uploaded a countdown of my personal favourite Top Ten Pieces Of Art on my other ‘brother’ blog, I’M HOT GOAT. These are not necessarily the pieces of art that I think are the most important in critical terms, but ones that have made a memorable or important impression upon me. (Some of my all-time favourite artists are not represented in this list, a forthcoming Hot Goat entry, I think…) So, in reverse order:

10: Dalek – the cultural icon designed by Terry Nation and Raymond Cusick

9: Black Circle and Black Square – Suprematist paintings by Kazimir Malevich

8: Stray Dog – photographed by Daido Moryama

7: Blue Velvet – the film directed by David Lynch

6: The Large Glass – hugely important piece of art by Marcel Duchamp

5: Songs Of Innocence And Experience – written and illustrated by William Blake

4: Plight – the installation by Joseph Beuys

3: Stalker – the cinematic masterpiece by Andrei Tarkovsky

2: Spiral Jetty – large scale earthwork by Robert Smithson

1: 20:50 – the perception altering work by Richard Wilson

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... and ALL the very BEST for 2011

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