THIS is the beginning . . . Because somewhere between not knowing . . . and knowing . . . there lies imagination . . . THIS, THAT and THE OTHER . . . Book 1 . . . OUT NOW . . . THIS is the beginning . . . Because somewhere between not knowing . . . and knowing . . . there lies imagination . . . THIS, THAT and THE OTHER . . . Book 1 . . . CLICK HERE . . .

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Friday, 12 July 2019

THIS parts 1 and 2 OUT NOW in Paperback

This week saw two new paperback editions of This, parts one and two, published by The Red Sparrow Press. This comes after much anticipation and slowly building sales of the exclusive e-books on Amazon. So, thank you to all who have already purchased the first two parts of This for Kindle, or read them on Kindle Unlimited, for making This possible...

This, That and the Other Book One: THIS (Parts One and Two)
 by Remy Dean with Zel Cariad 

This That and the Other is imaginative fantasy, on an epic scale. The story follows the special friendship between two girls who embark on a magical adventure together, across the three realms. It is a modern fable inspired by fairy tales and folklore, in the tradition of children's classics like The Neverending Story, The Box of Delights, The Chronicles of Narnia… and suitable for all who love magical adventures.

Here are the blurbs from the back covers:


It began a long time ago, but for Rietta, it really began when she met Carla, another very special and extraordinary person, and realised that they shared the same dreams. Or perhaps it all started when Rietta and Carla found the severely injured dog in the woods, becoming firm friends as they tried to nurse it back to health and happiness. Then there was the 'thing' that they glimpsed watching them from the shadows, and the mystery of the missing standing-stone… but when they find the key to another realm, well, then things really start happening!

You can preview and buy This part one on amazon HERE


Rietta and Carla have stepped into another realm. Now they are lost in a wonderful world of natural beauty, magical wonder and very real peril. They find reluctant allies among the spirits of the great Greenwood, before setting out to find Dreamers Dell in the hope of fulfilling their promise to help the Fair Ones. Along the way, they meet a mechanician, with his amazing mechanical animals, and fall-in with a band of Elfyn warriors.

When they are introduced to a mysterious and sinister mumblebone, they soon realise that things are getting much more dangerous than they ever expected. Though, as the girls discover more of This extraordinary realm, they also discover that they, themselves, may be even more extraordinary.

You can preview and buy This part two on amazon HERE

Part three is set to follow later this year and is expected to be released in both e-book and tree-book formats - watch this space... and if it is not too much to ask, do help to spread the word - you can tweet @RedSparrowPress and let them know that you enjoyed the books, and you could post a little review on amazon or on GoodReads. Those reviews really do help small indie publishers like The Red Sparrow and their authors, like me! Another BIG thank you for that!

The Red Sparrow have also asked me to contribute to an official This, That and The Other blog where I will answer readers' questions and write the occasional 'behind-the-scenes' post about the inspiration behind the books and hopefully share some insights about the background to the characters and events in the story - which you can check-out HERE and watch it grow...