Wednesday, 29 February 2012

World Book Day: 'Scraps' & 'Final Bough' FREE

As part of the celebration for World Book Day (and Saint David's Day), my publishers questing beast books are offering the Kindle editions of Final Bough and Scraps as free downloads. I expect there will be many other publishers doing the same, so it should be well worth a browse at the Amazon Kindle Store...

The novelette, Final Bough is a sort of ghost story set in Sowdonia, the mountains and valleys of North Wales, and concerns influences from the past affecting the present... Scraps is a 'punk' crime novel that pushed a few boundaries when it was first published back in the early 1990s, and I hope that it remains 'fresh' and 'flippant'...

Find out more about World Book Day at their website, which has lots of free resources and lists book related events by region... World Book Day is 1st March 2012.

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