Friday, 5 February 2010

A Tale Of Two Dogs

"You paw things..."

[ The last entry made me think about this little parable concerning, age, experience, effort, achievement... This is just 'paws for thought', I do not expect this to become a 'dog-blog'... Not that I'd mind. ]

There is a house.
In the house there lives a family and their two dogs.
Their house is a home.
One dog is young and energetic.
The other one is old, experienced and seasoned.
The young dog loves to bark and play and chase things, like squirrels and its own tail.
The older dog prefers to lay near to the hearth at the feet of his master or mistress.
The children love the young dog because he is noisy and funny and always seems to be doing something…. and visitors all notice the young dog as it plays tuggy-rope, or chases its tail or starts after squirrels and barks at birds.
One dog spends its energy going round-and-round in circles or chasing after something that it cannot catch… popular and entertaining, perhaps, but actually achieving very little.
The other is reliable and, in turn, relies on experience and knows how things work around the home – he has the experience and strength to do what is really important to everyone in the house.
The master and mistress know which dog can be trusted to see off a rat or an intruder and to look out for their children when they are not there to do so.
(…and, they also know that one dog will learn from the other…)

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