Nirvana (1996)

Nirvana by Jeremy Dean

From the Author's Preface:

"I have written this book to be the definitive, though unauthorised, biography of one of the USA’s most important rock events: Nirvana. I have endeavoured to present the available facts in a clear and concise format, following a fairly rigid chronological order, reducing my own opinions and any conjecture to the barest minimum. This book is a straight-forward, factual and comprehensive record, and contains only a minor element of personal appraisal. In that respect, this text differs from my previous non-fiction works concerned with the rock scene. After reading what others have already written about the phenomena surrounding Nirvana and Kurt Cobain, I felt that there is a need for at least one objective biography which leaves out journalist jingoism and does not over-sensationalise reality. It is sensational enough! Sensational in general - yes, but also in particular to the Cobain legacy. This biography of a band is intended to be sensitive in treatment, but blunt with facts. Read it and weep..."

Jeremy Dean, Good Friday, 1996

by Jeremy Dean
ISBN 0 75251 860 7
128 pages softback
Available in the USA as Nirvana Revealed

This book is now out of print, but usually available form amazon sellers and good second hand book stores...

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