Note to Self - Haus of Helfa 2015 Visitor Postcard Gallery

Linked with the Haus of Helfa theme: Revisit / Reveal, visitors were invited to leave some words of their own, written on postcards, as a response to any one of these three stimuli:

1.  send a postcard to your former self (or to your future self, because one day you will be your future self's former self), imparting some significant nugget of information, or asking yourself a few questions - funny or philosophical.

2.  describe a place and time that you would wish to revisit but cannot ever again - poignant, pensive or polemical...

3.  or simply recount an anecdote of something that you have experienced when in, or near, Llandudno - be as straightforward or poetic as you like!

Here is a selection of the postcards exhibited at Haus of Helfa (click to read):


... what would you have written?

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