Crumblin' Rock (1993)

Back in the early 1990s, I was mainly working as a media journalist and following my main areas of interest, which were indie cinema and alternative rock. I arranged interviews only with bands and film-makers I found interesting and usually I placed the interviews in a variety of journals, including Number One, Knave and New Woman - at the time I was also the assistant editor of Outlook, looking after the magazine’s media content, and much of my output appeared in those pages… 

I also ran a side project: the fanzine, Crumblin’ Rock. It was a 'sporadical', rather that a periodical, publishing when I had enough to fill an issue. I did more interviews than I could place and often a placed interview was savagely edited down for publication, so Crumblin’ Rock was my outlet for unplaced interviews and for the bits other magazines refused to print. This Crumblin’ Rock Yearbook was a ‘best of’ and is basically the big interviews minus listings and news that became out-of-date. This was a true fanzine, copied and bound by hand and toted round record and book shops. It sold through Rough Trade, Forbidden Planet and Tower Records, as well as by mail order and in the queues at related gigs… nowadays it would be a weblog, but that is just not the same as hand-made, cut-and-paste graphics, duplicated on a dodgy photocopier.

The 1992 – 1993 Crumblin’ Rock Yearbook was a proper card-bound ‘book’ and contained exclusive interviews with: Fish, Momus, Nick Cave, Die Warzau, Lydia Lunch, Dave Graney, Gavin Friday, Rob Zombie, Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Johnny Brown (Band of Holy Joy) and Bill Gilliam (Alternative Tentacles) – I am still very grateful to these people and proud of the publication!

Crumblin’ Rock ...not Rolling Stone.. gerrit?

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